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Crete has long been the stuff of legends, right on the divide between Europe and the Orient, the last rocky outcrop before you reach Africa and island of the Gods since time immemorial. It has kept its special reputation despite centuries of invasion, a tormented history and, more recently , the development of tourism. When the essence of an island is divine, it remains so for eternity. According to Greek mythology this is the birthplace of King Minos, product of the love of Zeus for the beautiful Europa. Nowadays charter flights from northern Europe unleash almost 1,5 million -sun and sand- seekers onto its shores every year, from mid-June onwards. Is this not simply a modern means of paying homage to the sun god Apollo and Poseidon, god of the sea? But the arrival of this seasonal human flood interrupts the pace of the Cretans' traditional life and cannot help but work changes upon a country which has suddenly had to leap at lighting speed from antiquity to the third millennium AD.

Crete is certainly no longer what it was in the time of King Minos, Henry Miller or the hippies who, in the 1960s, rediscovered this natural, unspoilt island paradise within easy reach of civilization. It has not yet been totally devastated, but specific areas have been undeniably spoilt by hideous construction projects and all-consuming asphalt roads. The majority of holidaymakers are concentrated in specific seaside resorts (particularly on the north-east coast). Apart from these highly built-up sites, full of ugly concrete and metal buildings, the island of the gods has not yet sold its soul entirely to the devil. In fact, far from it - in order to discover Crete's overwhelming beauty, you need simply to visit it outside the over-hot and overcrowded months of July and August. Go in spring, or late summer, and follow the rocky tracks to the most outlying points of the island, to the west or the east.

Crete is swept by the winds of Africa, and the Libyan sea caresses the southern shores of this Mediterranean island. Orthodox monasteries and white-painted chapels perch on hill tops or huddle in valleys, their intact settings defying the passing of the centuries. Blankets of olive trees temper the arid landscape. Along the south coast, deserted shingle or sand beaches in the east and west offer total solitude. Deep, abrupt gorges and caves (allegedly more than 3.000) dot the island, and make for excellent walking country. Re-set your mind to the Cretan pace of life and set out on a voyage of discovery around an island which was one of the cradles of the western world.

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